Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Root Beer Float

This is an ice cream soda made with root beer and vanilla ice-cream. Don't mistake it for an alcoholic drink, though. The first time I heard about this was when Aishwarya was in kinder-garten. She came home one day saying that we had a Beer float today at the class party and that it was "yum". I was taken aback initially, but with a little bit of help from Google, realized that it had nothing to do with "Beer".Root beer is a carbonated, sweetened beverage, originally made using the root of a sassafras plant (or the bark of a sassafras tree) as the primary flavor.
It is basically an ice cream soda -you can substitute Root Beer with any of the other sodas - if you use coke, it would be a coke-float. Chocolate ice cream is a delicious alternative to vanilla. Then this would be called a "Brown Cow Float". Sprinkle chocolate or add a bit of whipped cream for extra flavor! It is a great drink for the summer days, that kids would love to have.
Celebrating 4th of July with an All American Drink!
Happy Independence Day!

Vanilla ice cream
Root beer
Add a  scoop or two of vanilla ice cream into a tall glass. Slowly pour root beer into the glass, allowing the foam to rise and then recede before adding more root beer.
Serve with straws and spoons.


  1. very interesting n new to me...looks delicious,will try it sometime!!
    Spicy Treats

  2. very interesting...will give a try :)

  3. Nice twist adding icecream with root beer, looks so interesting!!

  4. Delicious drink....Perfect for the hot sun here...

  5. Hi Vidhya,

    Hey what is this Vidhya ????

    Till now i never heard about this !!

    But ice cream looks AAAwessomme!!one thing do for me Dear,

    Drop one more comment on my post

    Cabbage curry at Lavanya's recipe:)))

    Thank you Vidhya ....

  6. Soo refreshing and a quick drink.

  7. I remember having this float in one of the ice cream parlors in Chennai...used to love it...have not had it in a very very long tim; going to try it the name Brown Cow Float:)

  8. wow...awesome drink!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  9. First time here . Lovely blog . Happy to follow u!
    check out my blog in ur spare time


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