Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kalkandu Sadam/ Pongal /Rock Crystal Sugar Rice

I am always on the lookout for an excuse for make something sweet and this weekend as I was looking for one I realized Pongal/ Sankranti is this week. Having found a reason I went ahead and started this dish. Jai was in the shower when I started with the cooking and I wanted to finish the cooking before he was out of the shower as Jai always discourages me cooking desserts, the reason being it is  not good for health. So as I was in a hurry to finish the dish and accidentally put rock salt instead of rock sugar silly me :)
I had to start over and this time around I used rock sugar. To my surprise Jai when he came out of the shower didn't say anything and as soon as it was done asked me if he can have some and even asked for seconds. I think I have managed to convert him to be a sweet lover ;)

1 cup Basmati rice/ raw rice
1 cup Milk
2 cups Water
1 cup Kalkandu/ Rock crystal sugar + 1/8 cup
4 cardamoms
2 cloves
A pinch of piece of nutmeg powder
2 tbsp Ghee for frying nuts and raisins and an additional 2 tsp
1/4 cup Raisins
1/4 cup Cashew nuts
Cook the washed rice in a pressure cooker along with the milk and water for 5 minutes till the rice is well cooked. Mean while heat the ghee in a kadai and fry the raisins and Cashew nuts,till golden brown and set this aside
Powder  one  cup Kalkandu with cloves, nutmeg and cardamom,till fine. Add the Powder into the pressure cooker along with 2 tsp ghee and 1/8 cup kalkandu mix well with the rice, till kalkandu crystals are almost dissolved.
Mix the fried Cashew nuts and raisins with rice. Enjoy while still warm.

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