Friday, February 19, 2010

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If asked what would I love on a cloudy, cold day to bring warmth to my body and mind, I would say a steaming bowl of soup and  a grilled cheese sandwich. But this grilled cheese sandwich is my daughter's favorite whether its rain or shine,with or without some soup to go with it. Here is the recipe to her favorite spicy grilled cheese sandwich.

2 slices white bread
2 tsp butter
1 slice Cheddar cheese (valveeta)
1/8tsp chilli powder(or to your taste)

Preheat skillet over medium heat. Generously butter one side of a slice of bread. Place bread butter-side-down onto skillet bottom and add cheese, on the top of the cheese  sprinkle the chilli powder . Butter the second slice of bread on one side and place butter-side-up on top of sandwich. Grill until lightly browned and flip over; continue grilling until cheese is melted.

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