Monday, March 30, 2015

Pana Cotta

Here is an easy peasy Pana Cotta recipe to sweeten your sweet cravings. As the days are getting warmer this is a perfect dessert for all the busy-bees who doesn't want to compromise on taste.

1  (3  oz)  package  strawberry  jello( or you can use plain gelatin and instead of water mix it with fruit juice of your choice
1/3  cup  heavy  cream
2/3  cup  plain  yogurt
3  tablespoons  sugar
1  teaspoon  unflavored  gelatin
1/4  teaspoon  clear  vanilla  extract

  Make  a  strawberry  jello  according  to  package  directions.  we  used  only half a  package.  Instead  of  2  cups,  I  made  1  cup  jello.  (Add  1/2  cup  boiling  water  to  1/2  package  gelatin  mix. Stir  2  minutes  or  until  dissolved,  stir  in  1/2  cup  cold  water.)   Fill  champagne  glasses  1/2  full  with  jello.  Refrigerate  for  2  hours  or  until  jello  is  set.
To make Panna cotta
Dissolve  1/2  teaspoon  unflavored  gelatin  in  3  teaspoons  water,  for  2  minutes  and  heat  in microwave  2  to  5  seconds.Heat  heavy  cream  and  sugar   on  low  heat  do not boil.  Add  warm gelatin  mixture  to  heavy  cream,  stir.
Stir  in  2/3  cup  yogurt  and  vanilla  extract,  mix  well  and  strain through a  fine  sieve.  let  cool.
Carefully  spoon  the  panna  cotta  over  strawberry  jello  in  each  glass. Refrigerate  glasses  until  panna  cotta  is  set,  for  about  1  hour  or  more.

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