Sunday, August 25, 2013

Customizing a Store-Bought cake

Yesterday our little darling turned 12. We didn't plan a party as we already had one celebrating her upcoming birthday with her grandparents while we were vacationing in India. We gave her a surprise party on 12th which was 12 days before her real birthday and the party was at 12.00 clock. But we couldn't let her birthday pass without any celebration. As we are still in the middle of getting back to our normal routine after the trip, I thought of passing up this opportunity to whip up a cake.  For all her birthdays except the first one I had baked the birthday cake; so it was a bit difficult not to do it this time. I had to hold myself back to be practical so I went and bought a German chocolate cake (I didn't have enough time to order for a custom one at a short notice). Then to personalize it I made a paper Tardis for my die hard Whovian and placed it over the cake. If I had planned ahead I could have ordered some Dr Who merchendise and customized it but as Dr.Who  stuff is not available in the shops near where we live I had to resort to paper tardis.
Aishwarya was surprised that she got one more cake for her birthday and was all smiles when she saw how I had personalized it. She had  a lot of fun playing with the tardis after finishing with the cake ( She is still a little girl when it comes to playing with Tardis).  What I learned from this experiance is that with a little imagination it is easy to customize a store bought cake for whatever occasion you want.
Just to show how much of a Whovian she is I have included some of her sketches/paintings - these days, she eats, breaths and dreams Dr.Who trivia and bores us to death with it.


  1. Omg, thats stunning, loved how u have customize this store bought cake. My belated birthday wished to your young gal.

  2. Belated Happy B'Day to your son. Cake looks so delicious and beautiful.

  3. Belated Birthday Wishes to Aishwarya...the sketches look very good..delicious cake love the way you've customized it


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