Thursday, September 8, 2011

Carrot 'N Vermecilli Kheer/Payasam

Wishing all my Malayalee friends around the globe a Very Very Happy ONAM!!!
This is a healthier version of the traditional semiya payasam that lets you indulge in your sweet delicacy and yet have your share of veggies. Aishwarya, my little bunny, loves anything made with carrots. One of her favorites is the carrot cream. But this is the Onam season I thought of mixing the carrot cream and the traditional Semiya (vermicelli) payasam recipes and came up with this one. As per my tasters, this is the best of both!

Carrot diced-1cups
Carrot grated-1/4 cup
Semiya /Vermecilli -1/2 cup
Whole Milk-41/2cups
Sugar-3/4 cup or as required
Condensed milk-1/2 cup
Ghee -1tbs
Cardamom- 2tsp
Cashew-2 tbs

Roast the semiya with 1/2tbs of ghee in a heavy bottom vessel till they turn golden.Add 4 cups of milk and sugar to this and cook the semiya till done.Meanwhile pressure cook carrots with half a cup of milk  till well done. Now Puree the carrots in a blender and add this to the cooked semiya along with the condensed milk. Remove when the payasam  consistency  is  that of a smoothie .Add cardamom powder.Roast the nuts and grated carrots using the remaining ghee . Garnish the payasam with this and serve.


  1. wow..lovely colour to vermicelli payasam..
    Looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!
    Wish you n your family a very Happy Onam too!!

  2. Superb combo, beautiful color. A very Happy Onam to you and your family.

  3. This is such a great idea, Vidhya..Lovely payasam! Happy onam to you and your family!!

    Thanks a lot for trying out those recipes, Vidhya :)

  4. Wonderful combo dessert. Kheer looks colourful and inviting..

  5. am sold to this gorgeous sunshine-y colour. awesome.

  6. Nice & cheerful color!! I heart this creamy, luscious kheer...
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  7. Happy onam wishes Vidhya, payasam looks incredible and fabulous..

  8. My first time here....very nice space you got....

    happy to follow you....chk out my space to when time permits...

    very healthy version of the addition of carrots...beautiful color....

    Chk out my DIWALI Event
    September - ALMONDS Event & GIVEAWAY'
    September - WWC - "Cornmeal for Breakfast"

  9. Nice recipe dear...happy onam to you too...

  10. thanks for your onam wishes..hope you had a great time..

  11. Wishing u and ur family a very Happy the payasam so much..a twist to the usual vermicelli payasam !!

  12. Happy Onam dear! Ooh that's a lovely twist.Looks yumm

  13. Addition of carrots gives a nice color and is a nice variation from the usual vermicelli payasam

    -Aarthi @munchmunchcrunchcrunch


  14. Semiya with carrots...sounds yummy...and looks good too....Happy Onam to you and your family

  15. That's an interesting combo. Can't wait to try.

  16. absolutely irresistible recipe...awesome clicks too..!

  17. Payasam is one of my favourites anytime...just looks delicious and mouthwatering.


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