Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oats Porridge

Aishwarya usually likes to have cereals for breakfast. But as she got her braces fitted just yesterday, it was painful for her to chew. So when I asked her what else she would like to have for breakfast, she asked for the oats porridge the way my mom makes it. This is the only way she would have the oats porridge and she always claims that her grandma's recipe for this is the best in the "whole wide world". This is not a quick recipe, but the end result justifies the time and effort.
Oats-1 heaped tablespoon
Water-1 cup
Sugar-2tbs or to taste
Milk-1 cup
Add oats and water to a thick bottom pan and cook the oats at medium heat stirring occasionally till the oats is cooked and water is reduced to half the amount. By this time the oats would have thickened and would be looking like thick paste. Now add sugar and milk and  stir continuously till it comes to a boil. Add cardamom and switch of the stove. It may not look so thick now but will turn to a smoothie consistency  once it cools down.


  1. hopefully she is little better with the braces..Must be relaxing for her to chew..

  2. Woww.. looks super yummy and perfect.. pretty clicks too :)

  3. braces will take some time to set, hope she feel better soon...this porridge is a perfect healthy n filling choice for her...i prefer the savory one :)

  4. Hope she feels better now..Healthy breakfast,love it.


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