Monday, August 8, 2011

Spicy Green Banana Fritters aka Kaya Bajji

Certain things trigger nostalgic memories and take you back to your childhood. When it is raining I am almost always taken back to my mother's kitchen, where she would be making something hot and spicy. Since she had a very good fruit and vegetable garden, she used to make a variety of different fritters which I used to enjoy a lot. These days when I have control over my kitchen I don't make fritters as much - as I correlates deep frying with 'unhealthy'. Me and healthy? I know what you would be thinking  with all the sweet dishes that I post :-). Well, I have to keep a balance somewhere - and I do that by limiting my deep frying. Yet I made this banana fritters for the sake of Aishwarya, so that she would know how the typical Kerala Kaya Bajji would taste like. And of course, she liked it very much.
I am sending this over to Kerala Kitchen hosted by yours truly this month...
If you are posting any dishes connected with Kerala, please do send your entries!

1Green Plantains/ Green Banana
1 cup  Besan/ chickpea flour
1/2 teaspoon Asafoetida
1 teaspoon Red chili powder
1/8teaspoon Baking soda
Salt to taste
Cooking oil to deep fry

Mix besan, asafoetida, red chili powder ,baking soda, salt and water well.(Always add water to the mixture little by little,mix and check the consistency of batter.When it reaches a cake batter consistency your batter is ready
 Remove the outer skin of each plantain and cut it in the middle and then cut  into 4 long pieces length wise . Keep it dipped in cold water to prevent turning black.
Heat oil in a frying pan and when hot enough, dip the cut plantain into the batter and deep fry Turn it and cook on both sides till golden brown . Serve hot
Sending this spicy banana fritters over to and Serve it Fried at Krithi's Kitchen


  1. awesome snacks for this rainy season

  2. i love to have this with hot tea on a rainy day :-)

  3. these....perfect with a cup of Chaya

  4. Wonderful, We used to have this with coconut chutney.


  5. very tempting fritters,luks perfect...

  6. Superb fritters... bhajjis always evoke nostalgic memories.. You could send this to Serve It - Fried event happening at our space..

  7. fav fritters n luks so perfect n yummy...

  8. Perfect & tempting fritters for a rainy day...or otherwise!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  9. YOur kaya bajji has reminded me of my moms food.. :) Wow.. looks awesome..

  10. Very crispy and delicious looking fritters.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  11. Yummy Kerala baji..Tempting click, Vidhya..

  12. This is so perfect for us to have after Iftar, looks too good.

  13. Chai n fritters perfect ..i love these so much..

  14. Perfect with a cup of tea, looks superb.

  15. Delicious snacks! Always ready to eat bhajji :-)

  16. these are just perfect to snack on... one of my favourites from hostel days. happy hosting Vidhya :)

  17. delicious looking fritters to snack

  18. It is ages since I had these fritters .Looks great


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