Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vegetarian Sheperd's Pie

I was looking for a dish that is easy to make and transport and also would be a  crowd pleaser to take for potlucks. It was thus I found this recipe for Sheperd's Pie. I gave it a try as I wanted to make sure that it was indeed a good one as it sounded.When I was cooking this for lunch today my little girl, who was enjoying her spring break, asked me what I was making for lunch. When I told her it was Sheperd's pie she was very happy as she thought it was a  sweet pie like the ones which she is used to. When the Pie was done and I called her for lunch she was not a happy camper knowing that it was not sweet but still gave it a try  as it smelled good. She had one piece and ended up having a second helping. And she even insisted that I save her a piece for dinner. I was  a bit surprised at this coming from her, because she is a girl who doesn't like leftovers or even having the same dish repeated within a week . So,  my friends, in short what I intented to say was this dish was well liked by my family and I am sure this will be liked by yours too. Even though I have made the vegetarian version of Sherperd's Pie, those of you who eat and love meat can substitute the meal starters with ground meat.
Recipe Source:Simply Recipes
Morningstar meal starters/Soy granules -1 cup-1 1/2 lbs
Onion chopped-1
Vegetables - chopped carrots, corn, peas-1-2 cups
Potatoes (3 big ones)-1 1/2 - 2 lbs
Butter (1 stick)-8 tablespoons
Broth-1/2 cup
Worcestershire sauce-1 teaspoon
Salt, pepper, other seasonings of choice
Peel and quarter potatoes, boil in salted water until tender (about 20 minutes).While the potatoes are cooking, melt 4 Tablespoons butter (1/2 a stick) in large frying pan.Sauté onions in butter until tender over medium heat (10 mins). If you are adding vegetables, add them according to cooking time. Put any carrots in with the onions. Add corn or peas either at the end of the cooking of the onions, or after the meat has initially cooked.
Add Soy granules Morningstar meal starters and sauté for about a minute. Add salt and pepper. Add worcesterchire sauce. Add half a cup of vegtable broth and cook, uncovered, over low heat for 10minutes.
Mash potatoes in bowl with remainder of butter, season to taste.Place soy and veggies in baking dish. Distribute mashed potatoes on top. Rough up with a fork so that there are peaks that will brown nicely. You can use the fork to make some designs in the potatoes as well.Cook in 400 degree oven until bubbling and brown (about 30 minutes). Broil for last few minutes if necessary to brown.


  1. Slurp...delicious and easy to carry recipe....

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