Sunday, September 12, 2010


Yesterday was Ganesh Chaturthi and what better dessert to make than Modak right .So Modak I made to please Lord Ganesh as well as the little one in our family.
Fresh grated coconut: 1 cup
Jaggery: ¾ cup
Cardamom powder:1/4 tsp
For the outer shell:
Rice flour: 1½ cups
Water:1 cup
Ghee 2tsp.
Salt: a pinch


The stuffing:

Make a syrup using th jaggery now strain this syrup and add the coconut to it this Keep stirring and cooking until all the water is absorbed at this stage add the ghee and stir till  the contents leave the side of the pan. Remove from fire and add cardamom powder.

For the outer shell

Boil 1 cup of water, add salt, ghee and rice flour. Stir continuously for a short while and remove as soon as it is well blended. When cool enough to touch knead into a dough and divide into equal portions

Putting together the Modak

Make a nice dent in center of each portion of the dough. Fill one by one with a little coconut mixture and close dough neatly around the filling.I have used a mold. Steam for about 1/2 hr Please don't pressure cook the Modak. Steam them. (i.e. don't use the cooker weight).

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