Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Orotti "A flattened rice bread"

This is a flat bread made with rice flour. In our house this is called orotti but in in my husbands place its called 'kai pathiri' may be because its made entirely with the hand.I like the name orotti. I think this is called an orotti  because this is one type of rotti hence oru (one in malayalam) rotti(bread) and in short orotti. This is eaten along with a spicy curry or with just some sweetened coconut milk or even goes well with milk and sugar.

2 cups roasted rice powder (Rice powder for puttu )
1 cup grated coconut
3 shallots
1tsp cumin
2 1/2 cups hot water
Salt to taste

Dissolve the salt in the water.  Grind shallots, cumin and coconut together to a coarse paste. Add this to the rice powder along with the water. While still warm knead, it to a soft dough as for a chapathi and divide into small balls just as you would to make chapathis.
Heat a nonstick pan and take one of the balls that you had prepared and flatten it as much as you can in your hand.Place this on the pan and flatten it more with your fingers, moistened with some water to prevent the dough sticking onto the fingers. (I used an oiled press pan to make the orotti instead of the traditional hand method, above mentioned)
Cook this covered for 2 minutes then flip it and cook it uncovered for another 2 minutes.
Serve hot, either with some spicy curry or with your choice of sweetened milk.

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